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Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Chillin’ and grilling… mouthwatering Mexican Street corn {aka elote}. The combination of the sweet corn with a creamy, cheesy spicy mixture is so tasty : )

Four years ago, I experienced this delicious side at a restaurant and ordered another to go. It was that good! Perfect for a snack or side and so easy to make. 😃💚🌽 #streetcorn #staysafe

Between you and I ….it took me awhile to perfect tender “grilled” corn without completely charring. Peel back the corn husks, remove the silk and close the husk back over the corn. Wrap tightly in foil and grill for 30 minutes at 350-400 degrees.

Recipe by Seeded at the Table

Ingredients: 5-6 ears of corn, husked – 1/4 mayonnaise – 2 TBSP sour cream or Greek yogurt – 1/2 TSP garlic salt – juice from 1 lime – 1/4 cup grated cotija cheese {or feta, Parmesan or queso fresco} – 1 TSP smoked paprika or Chile powder – chopped cilantro, optional


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