Aims Her Way

Welcome to my blog. My name is Amy. 

Started cooking and baking as a little girl helping my Mom, Grandmom or Aunts in the kitchen. Occasionally cooked & baked throughout my teens however, self taught after I gave birth to my gorgeous son. My first cheesecake attempt was stressful and thinking back, pretty comical. Another homemade disaster, spinach manicotti and then my personal favorite burnt NY strip. Hey, we all start somewhere! 

My passion is baking. Inspired to try new recipes, test concoctions and learn new skills.

Growing up, Sunday dinners were gathering around the table with a home cooked meal. The benefits of home cooking include healthier meals, saves money, relieves stress & the end result is delicious food for the ones you love.

“If you never try, you’ll never know what you are capable of. ” – John Barrow

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